Restore Broken Marriages

At Restore Amor we give Christian Women the tools they need to heal from a broken marriage through our Online Marriage Coaching.


After years of being in a difficult marriage, my husband and I now have a better relationship than ever. At Restore Amor we are passionate about helping other women apply techniques that will restore their marriages and help them survive a broken marriage.

Coaching Sessions

Although we are open to helping all Christian Women improve their marriages, at Restore Amor, we specialize in Coaching Christian Women who are in broken marriages due to their husband’s infidelity. Our Coaching will help you work through the hurt and see if your marriage is truly over, or can be restored!

Coaching vs. Counseling

People tend to use the terms “Coaching” and “Counseling” interchangeably, however, they are two different things. The main difference between the two, is counseling focuses on dealing with past issues (why did this happen?) while coaching offers tools to improve the future. (How can we fix things moving forward?)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are meetings held?

Our appointments can be held anywhere in the world, as our appointments are 100% remote. Clients have a choice of holding coaching sessions via Zoom, or over the phone.

How often should we meet?

We recommend meeting weekly. This will ensure the best results. Please Note: Appointments can be booked one at a time or you can book them all at once.

Can I purchase just 1 session?

Because coaching takes more than one session to be effective, we only offer our coaching sessions in blocks of 6. This allows us to come up with a strategy that will work for your unique situation.

Are sessions for couples?

Our Marriage Coaching sessions are for women. We work one on one and give you tools that will help you deal with the issues you are having in your marriage.

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